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Established in June 2015, Bay Area Bin Support was the first-of-its-kind push/pull service company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company began operating after new push/pull rates implemented in Oakland in mid-2015 left many property owners and managers in shock.

How were they to cope with the loss of an essential service to regular garbage collection? Anticipating this new need for Bay Area residents, BABS became the first company to create a service specializing specifically in the crucial push and pull step of waste collection. BABS also introduced additional benefits to the push/pull service, including cleanup of the bin storage area, minimizing overflow, monitoring waste usage level, follow-up on late or missed pick-ups and communicating with clients any waste collection issues on their properties..

The company currently serves over 500 properties throughout the Bay Area including several popular coffee chains, food establishments, gyms, condominiums, hotels, commercial properties, apartment communities, multifamily properties, shopping centers, and affordable housing communities. Clients include Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, Verizon, Nation’s, Days Inn Hotels, 24 Hour Fitness, SPCA and many other large companies that require daily service. Clients also include large and small property management companies, HOA boards, small and large businesses, and individual property owners. Bay Area Bin Support is rapidly expanding its service coverage area, offering push/pull service for garbage, recycle and compost/organics containers to properties in more than 23 cities including Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Alameda, Emeryville, Hayward, San Leandro, Castro Valley, and San Mateo, among many more.

Bay Area Bin Support is an active member of the community it serves and a proud member of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, the East Bay Rental Housing Association, the Apartment Owners Association and regularly partners and supports Oakland Recycles, Center for Employment Opportunities and Oakland Housing Authority.





Headshot of founder and co-owner Junior Fiame

Founder and Co-Owner

Junior Fiame

Bay Area Bin Support founder and co-owner Junior Fiame, born and raised in the Bay Area, is the proud father of three and an avid fan of Bay Area sports teams. His waste management background allows him to fully understand how trash collection works, the logistics involved, the problems that clients encounter regularly and how to fix them.

For years, in his job as a garbage truck driver, he pushed and pulled bins, hundreds each day, throughout the East Bay, under all conditions and circumstances. Junior was the first to fully appreciate the obvious need for this brand-new push/pull service and how it should work for clients. As a route driver, he understood fully the limitations of large garbage companies. He could see clearly how gaps in service could be filled to reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Forward-thinking and innovative, he was the first person to create the very first-of-its-kind push & pull service company focusing specifically on creating a great service for multifamily property owners and managers. “We created this service first and are always thinking ahead to offer services that we know our clients need.” Under his leadership, the company has expanded to over 9 different routes serving 500+ properties across 23 Bay Area cities and offering a menu of comprehensive range of waste maintenance services.

As a push/pull service entrepreneur, Junior believes in the value of building strong, lasting relationships with his colleagues in the large scale waste industry—and in doing that with direct communication: He has kept the phone numbers of all his former colleagues makes it easy to coordinate with local garbage drivers if issues arise. To build trustworthy and reliable relationships with BABS’ clients, he works with them to resolve issues speedily and to prevent others. He aims to instill a strong work ethic across the operations team – hard work, consistency, thoroughness, striving for excellence and doing it while providing the very best customer service possible. When work is done, he loves to spend time with his family, to listen to music, to read and to travel.

Founder and Co-Owner

Nancy Fiame

When she and her husband Junior founded Bay Area Bin Support, Nancy Fiame found herself facing a unique challenge—how to reach and build a client base for a service that no one had ever heard of, but that benefits everyone. She was not daunted.

Now, Nancy manages a team of 25 employees, leads BABS’ business development efforts and strategic partnerships, market expansion, oversees operations, and strategizes BABS’ marketing and advertising. She has particular expertise in that field: For almost a decade, she developed and executed marketing campaigns, community partnerships and sponsorships at Stanford Health Care. While at Stanford, she led efforts managing sports sponsorships with the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, San Jose Earthquakes and Stanford Athletics. She found great joy in connecting a world-class academic medical center with the local community and finding new ways to reach and educate the community on health through sponsorship activation. Her passion for working with community began with her work as an on-air radio personality and promotions director at 102.5 KDON and as an on-air personality and assistant program director at K-OCEAN 105.1 (iHeartMedia). Starting Bay Area Bin Support allowed Nancy to fulfill her lifelong dream to own her own business. “The trash industry is a fascinating industry.” she often says. “I love discovering new ways to support our clients and being able to find ways to solve long-standing trash problems in the communities they manage.”

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Nancy lives with her husband, three children, 2 dogs, 2 turtles, fish and geckos in the San Francisco Bay Area. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from San Jose State University. Her interests include spending quality time with family, cooking, watching sports, weight lifting, watching mountain climbing documentaries, reading, traveling and learning. Her bucket list includes a trip to Nepal to visit Mount Everest base camp.

The Bay Area Bin Support team in 2022


Push Pull Service Team

It’s a team effort! At Bay Area Bin Support, we believe that quality service begins with its employees. Our routes are serviced by two-person teams and our employees are fully trained in the handling of any size waste container. Bay Area Bin Support uses a safety first approach to all of its operations to make sure that employees understand how to handle large bins, where to place bins safely and how to properly secure bins. The team members are in regular communication with each other and with the local garbage company drivers to make sure that our push/pull service runs smoothly and efficiently. BABS strives to create a conscientious, respectful and reliable work crew focused on getting things done.

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We proudly serve our partners in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, San Francisco County, and the following cities across the Bay Area:

Alameda, Albany, Antioch, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Concord, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Lafayette, Livermore, Newark, Oakland, Ora Loma, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Leandro, San Mateo, San Ramon, Union City, and Vallejo.

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