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“We’re in regular communication with garbage collection service crews,” noted Junior Fiame, co-owner, Bay Area Bin Support, and a waste disposal veteran. “This allows us to provide seamless, efficient service to our client base. Refuse is not left sitting out on the curb overnight, thereby mitigating the risk of having it picked through, or perhaps worse, having it serve as a target for people looking to dump trash in after it’s on the street, trash you would then be charged for.”

“Our goal is to act like garbage ninjas. We come in while it’s still dark outside, before your tenants wake up, to take out the garbage bins, clean up the area and have them pushed back into place before you even realize we were here. If there are any issues, we alert you right away.” 

Trash Service for Less

Apartment Owners Association Magazine – May 2018

“BABS offers the most reasonable pricing, and they are reliable and responsive. The service is great – there’s not much more you can ask for,” said Nicholas Cress, Market Analyst at WestRock Service, Inc., who started researching alternative waste management options when Oakland-based waste companies hiked their fees on its properties with tenants like Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, and Peet’s Coffee.”

Stay one step ahead of the garbage company with Bay Area Bin Support, a first of its kind service in the Bay Area. Partnering with property managers, homeowners, and local businesses, and specializing in garbage, recycle, and compost containers of all sizes, Bay Area Bin Support provides curbside push and pull services for a flat fee. Overflow and debris in the garbage enclosure got you worried? With Bay Area Bin Support you get more than just curb service, you get a guarantee that everything will be cleaner than it was before. Trust the experts to take care of your dirty work.

Push & Pull – A New Garbage Service Emerges

Landlord Magazine – June 2017

Bay Area Bin Support also wanted to cover another part of garbage disposal that typically has fallen to property management, landlords or maintenance staff. 

“Anyone who is familiar with a garbage enclosure in a multifamily residence knows that by the end of the week, the dumpster areas are a complete mess,” said company co-founder and owner Nancy Fiame. “Trash begins overflowing, garbage spills over on to the floor and people just keep piling on. Garbage companies typically do not have time to offer cleanup service.”

Q&A: Push Charges for Trash, Compost & Recycling Services

Oakland Recycles

Commercial and multi-family dwelling (MFD) customers may be charged “Push Rates” for on-property service that requires the collection driver to move trash, compost or recycling containers to a location where the collection truck can lift and empty the bin. Push rates are based on the distance the driver must push a container for emptying. Here are answers to some common questions about this service, including ways to reduce or avoid push charges.

“In 2015, Oakland was the first to feel the huge impact of push pull fees when the new garbage contract took effect. Suddenly, having the garbage company pull a bin 100 feet or more to the curb to be emptied was going to cost almost a thousand dollars per month per bin!   Bay Area Bin Support charges almost 75 percent less for the same service.”

Oakland: New business a relief for landlords looking to cut garbage costs

The Mercury News – December 3, 2015

Waste Management is charging landlords of multifamily buildings so much to move large trash containers from the building to the curb — a “push-pull” service offered for free under the city’s old contract with the company — that new businesses are being created just to undercut the garbage company’s fees.

Nancy Fiame launched her company, Bay Area Bin Support, this summer after hearing of Waste Management’s plans to jack up push/pull rates in Oakland.

“It was like an ‘Aha’ moment,” said Fiame, “I knew there was going to be a need for this.”

With new garbage fee, a service rises in Oakland

San Francisco Chronicle – September 21, 2016

Two years ago, there was no market for a business that specialized in “a la carte” bin-moving services. Now, there’s demand.

The men are employed by Bay Area Bin Support, which opened shop a year ago with the sales pitch that it can save Oakland property owners and businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. Instead of paying the Waste Management fees — up to $931 to push or pull a Dumpster or other large bin to the curbside — property and business owners can hire Bay Area Bin Support to move the containers for less.

“We have some customers whose (Waste Management) bills were in the thousands of dollars and that’s a significant difference from what we charge,” said Nancy Fiame, who founded Bay Area Bin Support with her husband, Junior, a former Waste Management employee. Fiame said her company charges about $100 a month to push small bins, and upward of $200 a month for large ones.

Drummond: Big stink over new Oakland garbage fees

Marin Independent Journal – November 11, 2016

New Service Can Save Property Managers Thousands of Dollars A Year

SF Gate – June 8, 2017

“Bay Area Bin Support offers the most reasonable pricing, and they are reliable and responsive. The service is great—there’s not much more you can ask for,” said Nicholas Cress, Market Analyst at WestRock Service, Inc., who started researching alternative waste management options when Oakland-based waste companies hiked their fees on its properties with tenants like Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee.”


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