Case Study: Trash Area Cleanup

February 26, 2022by Bay Area Bin Support

Why would a property manager need trash room or trash enclosure cleanup?

A sight no property manager wants to see: Trash bins overflowing onto the street, trash spillage from overflowing chutes, strewing garbage everywhere as the wind blows. Bulk items, such as television monitors and old chairs left in the area. Large cardboard boxes not broken down for recycling. It’s not pretty, and worse, it’s not healthy. Once tenants or residents see this, the complaints to a property manager or landlord begin.

Trash rooms can quickly get overwhelmed when bins overflow or trash spillage occurs. Sometimes properties experience a surge in trash and cardboard volume due to an apartment move-out or move-in, holidays or other unexpected reason such as a missed pick-up. Trash can accumulate very quickly in the span of a few days. Property managers and site managers can call the Bay Area Bin Support team for an on-demand trash cleanup service to quickly get their trash area back on track.

The Bay Area Bin Support team will clean and clear up your trash room, trash enclosure, trash chute rooms or any other trash storage area on your property as a stand-alone service or as part of push and pull service.

Cleanups include sweeping up the trash room or trash enclosure, moving bins and containers out of the way for a thorough cleaning, ensuring all waste bins are being fully utilized, compressing waste or redistributing the overflowing waste to emptier containers of the same waste stream, breaking down and bundling cardboard, separating bulky items away from the regular trash and bagging up the extra trash. If the client has authorized it, bulk items are hauled off. The goal is to leave the trash area spotless. After the cleanup is complete, bins are placed back in correct locations and before and after photos are promptly emailed to clients.

Taking it one step further in helping property managers and owners, Bay Area Bin Support will also send service level recommendations based on onsite observations. Clients may benefit from a different bin size, quantity of containers, or different collection frequency. The Bay Area Bin Support customer service team will call the local hauler to figure out different pricing scenarios and find the best pricing option available for our clients based on their service needs. Recommendations are then presented to the client.


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