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Bay Area Bin Support (BABS) is the very first ever push & pull service company to exclusively focus on the push & pull aspect of trash collection service. We orginated in Oakland as the only company in the East Bay to offer same-day push & pull services, which means that bins are pulled out early in the morning and then placed back later the same morning. We specialize in all aspects of waste maintenance services for multifamily and business properties, offering a focused approach on individual property needs, minimizing costs and maximizing waste program efficiencies. Check out our full list of services below.

Push Pull Service

We take your dumpsters, compactors, and garbage bins out to the curb on garbage day and place back the same day.

Trash Clean Up

Our team will clean up your trash room, enclosures, chute rooms, or any other trash storage area on your property.

Junk Hauling

We’ll haul any abandoned or junk dumped within your common areas of your apartment complex or business property.

Customer Liaison

We will work directly with your local waste hauler for missed/delayed pickups, broken, damaged, or missing bins, or any other service issue.

Overage and Overflow Management

We will remove excess overflow from your dumpsters and bins ensuring bin lids are closed. We compress or redistribute waste to emptier containers to ensure bins are not overflowing to avoid overage charges and trash spillage.

Illegal Dumping Removal

We will get rid of any illegally dumped items on your property with a quick call to our operations team.

Apartment Junk Removal

When a tenant moves out and leaves furniture behind in the apartment, our team will remove unwanted items from the unit and haul away so that you can get the unit ready and back on the market sooner.

Trash Area Pressure Washing

When your trash room or trash enclosures are a mess, we will pressure wash and clean these areas to avoid stench, grime, and build up.

Compactor Service

We have the expertise to safely transport multiple small compactors from the trash enclosures or trash rooms to larger on-site compactors on apartment community properties. Our team will transport, empty the bins, compact the contents, and then transport the bins back to their storage location.

Doorstep Trash Collection

We provide daily doorstep collection (trash valet) service for high-rises, apartments, luxury developments, and senior housing.

Cardboard Breakdown & Bundling

We will breakdown cardboard and bundle it together so that it’s ready to recycle and ensure your trash areas are organized.

Film Production Waste Removal

We provide waste removal services for movie and commercial productions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Past jobs include Matrix Resurrections, Venom and multiple Netflix series productions. Industry references available upon request.

Waste Bill Analysis & Trash Volume Monitoring

We will analyze your waste program, review your bill, and offer solutions. We can help you come up with a plan to reduce costs and maximize efficiencies and diversion efforts.

Customized Service Packages

Don’t see a trash service that you need on this list? Call us at 1-888-920-2467 to find out if we can help you. We love to think creatively and come up with waste solutions for our clients.


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