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February 27, 2022

Why would a property manager or property owner need push pull service?

In recent years, garbage companies have started charging apartment and commercial properties expensive additional fees to bring dumpsters and waste containers out to the street and to the garbage truck to be emptied. Since garbage trucks typically can’t fit down narrow alleys, underground garages or other tight spaces where dumpsters are typically stored, waste containers must be brought out to the street manually resulting in distance fees (also sometimes called push fees, elevation fees or hard-to-reach fees).

In some Bay Area cities, push pull fees can range from hundreds to thousands of extra dollars per month for the garbage company to move a cubic-yard sized dumpster bin from an underground garage or trash room out to the garbage truck to be emptied. These extra fees and can quickly add up and send a customer’s trash bill soaring significantly impacting the bottom line.

The Bay Area Bin Support will pull out your dumpsters and garbage bins out to the curb on garbage day and place back. Bay Area Bin Support field techs will bring all trash, recycle and compost cans, dumpsters and compactor bins out to the street in preparation for collection service by the local garbage company. Whether the bins are stored in trash rooms, underground parking garages, in the rear of the building, up several floors or down long alleyways, the team will expertly move your bins out to the curb and placed back shortly thereafter. The team is trained on transporting and handling bins safely and securing bins on various terrains and slopes and areas with limited curb space. The team is trained and equipped to manually bringing smaller bins out to the curb or using the necessary equipment for heavier compactor dumpsters.

As added value, a light cleanup service is also included as part of push pull service. Bay Area Bin Support will make sure chutes are closed while bins are out on the street, bin lids are properly closed to avoid overage charges, and trash spillage is swept up and properly disposed of in the appropriate waste container.

Bay Area Bin Support will report, and coordinate missed or delayed pick-ups, broken wheels or lids, missing containers and other issues directly with the garbage company on behalf of the client. The BABS customer service team keeps clients updated every step of the way. These phone calls can save property managers and their staff an enormous amount of time.

Hiring a specialized vendor like Bay Area Bin Support provides significant cost savings and many other benefits. Bringing Bay Area Bin Support onboard to provide push & pull service will reduce the liability of having the maintenance team, site manager or tenants do the strenuous work and potential injury and frees up time for janitorial staff to focus on the other issues on the property aside from trash.

Bay Area Bin Support assigns employees to specific routes so that the same team services a client property week after week. The field techs quickly become very familiar with a property’s waste program and can quickly alert the office if something is amiss or provide service recommendations based on ongoing observations.

Property managers may not always be aware if bins are continuously overflowing or being underutilized or if tenants are placing incorrect items in bins leading to contamination notices or refused pickups by the local hauler. Bay Area Bin Support will keep an eye on the onsite waste program and quickly alert the client if there are contamination issues, illegal dumping, or if the property would benefit from signage, reminders for tenants or adjusting the waste program.

Bay Area Bin Support keeps city ordinances and regulations in mind while helping clients figure out the most cost-effective solution to meet the waste needs on their property. When space constraints or storage location becomes a challenge for a property manager, the company will help clients figure out what size bin(s) or combination of bins and collection frequency will work best for their space while still meeting the minimum City usage requirements.

Bay Area Bin Support also works to make all parts of the process as invisible as possible. In most service areas, bins are pulled out to the curb the same morning as collection service instead of pulling bins out the night before service and having the containers sit outside all night. This practice helps reduce illegal dumping, scavenging, trash spillage on the street and overage fees. Bay Area Bin Support continuously monitors and optimizes routes so that client bins are out on the curb for the least amount of time as possible. The goal is for the bins to be curbside before the sun comes up and pushed back in before tenants even leave for work. This is dependent on the hauler collection schedule of course. This enhances curb appeal and reduces potential liabilities.

We look forward to becoming your partner in push pull service. Call today: 1-888-920-2467.

December 1, 2018

If you are a property manager or owner, we recommend communicating with your tenants early to ensure proper disposal of Christmas trees after the holidays.

Bay Area Bin Support recommends taking the following steps to avoid a huge post-holiday headache in January:

1) Start communication with tenants early.

Be proactive and send out communication in early to mid-December with instructions for tenants on how to properly dispose of trees after the Holidays and exactly where to place them. Don’t wait until after Christmas to begin telling tenants what to do with their trees. Existing clients, can email or call Bay Area Bin Support for a communication template for your tenants for Tree-cycling instructions.

Most Bay Area cities will offer a free bulky pickup service for the following property types:

  • Residential
  • Multi-unit or multifamily
  • Apartment complexes
  • Townhouse
  • Duplex, triplex and quadruplex
  • Condominiums

2) Designate a tree disposal location on the property.

Post signs in the common areas and trash enclosures letting tenants know not to dump trees in the dumpster bins. Designate one location on the property where all tenants should drop off their trees. Pick a spot and make sure that everyone knows they should bring their trees out to the designated location by a certain date. This will help you to avoid expensive overage fees for unwanted items in the dumpster bins or finding trees in random spots around the property.

Communicate to tenants or move trees out to curb?

We Can Help!

Existing clients can email or call Bay Area Bin Support for a communication template for your tenants for Tree-cycling instructions or schedule to have us bring your trees out to the curb for collection. Get in touch today!
1-888-920-2467[email protected]

3) Find out the holiday collection schedule from the local waste company

Most cities collect trees curbside and will provide a collection schedule and instructions on their website. A simple Google search “holiday collection schedule + city” or “city + Christmas tree collection” will usually give you the holiday collection schedule as well as information regarding holiday tree pickups and any other special pickups provided by the city due to the holidays. This way you know the dates that trees will be collected in your city and any special instructions to pass on to tenants including the LAST DAY OF FREE TREE PICKUPS.

4) Give tips on the best way to prepare the tree for pickup.

Remind tenants to remove all tinsel, ornaments, nails, and tree stands. Trees should not be placed in bags. Flocked trees (trees with fake snow) cannot be recycled. In some cities, flocked trees may be collected. Make sure to find out how your city handles flocked trees. It is good to remind tenants that whether it is collected by the city or not, a flocked tree will end up in landfill instead of being recycled or composted.

5) Call Bay Area Bin Support to help you!

New and existing clients can call 1-888-920-2467 to make arrangements. If the Christmas trees on your property are all in one designated location, our Bay Area Bin Support team will bring the trees out to the curb for collection for you. We want to take this headache off your plate. Call us to make arrangements.

Oakland’s Tree Recycling Schedule

In Oakland, CA, a separate collection truck will pick up Christmas trees free of charge until January 18, 2019. Property managers should designate one specific location on the property for tenants to dispose their Christmas trees to avoid trees unexpectedly showing up in different areas of the property including dumpster bins resulting in expensive overage fees. Bay Area Bin Support will bring trees from the designated collection area out to the curb for our clients.

Wishing you Happy Holidays from the Bay Area Bin Support team!


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